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Sustainable life: A opened domestic experience with the total palace

Organized sustainable life in total collaboration of luxury of the palace and 14 Sunday October 2018 of the folder “: A domestic experience opened” of residence only forehead sea in Aptos, California has listed by Alain Pinel Realtors. The house accommodates several details of the type of yacht and is described “the article of the nautical houses” in the last emission of the magazine of luxury of the folder. The residence only forehead sea has inspired the program for the event that has comprised a conversation about the sustainability and a taste of coastal kitchen from the eggplant to the Auberge Carmel.

With the elements of the type of boat, comprised a forged steel scale destined hand and a balcony in order to resemble the prow of a ship, is almost impossible to examine this beautiful contemporary residence without to think to the ocean. The space made-to-measure takes to entertain to a new level with an area in the open air incorporated of the barbecue on the first floor and the advance apparatuses and the lights of the pendant in the kitchen to according to level. The house remains true to its nautical topic with the decoration plated of the anchor, decalcomanias of the porthole and a room of average with a sculpture of relief to frolic of the delphiniums.

President of Stephanie Anton luxury of the folder has opened the celebrations of evenings with a short declaration about the only construction and the inspiration behind the details of the type of yacht of the house.

Aesthetic only and the vicinity of the house of the Atlantic Ocean has supplied the perfect context for a conversation of inspiration around the sustainability. The editor head of the total palace, Mae Cheng has sat down with the main official of conservation the Aquarius of the bay of Monterey, to Margaret Spring and to the executive only cook of the eggplant to the Auberge Carmel, Justin Cogley in order to discuss the conservation about the ocean and as we can every day comprise practical the sustainable ones in our lives.  

The evening has characterized a coercive conversation that has included the ecological alimony in a stunning atmosphere of the oceanfront.

For further information on this rewarded contemporary space, it observes I pray the directory here. For the additional photos of the event here, it gives a glance to the album to our page of Facebook.